English corner: "GREEN EYES" by Michael Ampersant

Autore: Michael Ampersant
Titolo: Green Eyes - An Erotic Novel (Sort-of)
Editore: Publisher: Lust Spiel Books
Edizione: 1 edition (August 12, 2015)
Uscita: August 12, 2015
Pagine: 337
Lingua: Inglese
Genere: MM - erotico

Sinossi - Alpha males, delicate souls, and a killer-psychopath hit it off in an impossible scramble for the last happy ending. 
Yes, the GREEN EYES take you on a roller-coaster ride of gay romance (“When bipolar John meets mesmerizing Alex in the cruising area of Georgia Beach, little does he know about Alex’s haunted past…”). And, yes, the book is about lithe, tapered bodies, perfect abs, and outsized male organs. It’s about love. And hurt. And murder. And redemption. Glands fire. People talk during intercourse. There’s a hilarious supporting cast. Expectations are met. 
Yet we do more. We have Nobel laureates. We have an even-handed discussion of the orthographic skills of the Tea Party (“No pubic option”). We have educational content about the mysteries of vasocongestion. We have neologisms (“Ikea moment,” “Armani minimum”). You learn about the 302 neurons that constitute the brain of a microscopic worm---and how this all relates to the IQ of John’s hated, child-abusing father. You participate in an in-flagrante masterclass. You get a hitchhiker’s guide to gay sex. You learn about the unheard-of provisions still on the Georgia books prohibiting all but intra-marriage intercourse (Title 16, Ch. 6). You hear about Torre’s observation (“The other line is moving faster”). You’ll be amazed by our avant-garde art and music, or by the voracious appetites of two desperate housewives (“Consenting adults, unite”). We have secret drugs, Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes, Albert Camus, Mark Twain, and countable near-death experiences. Pizzas are undercooked. Our bears (hairy middle-aged homosexuals) are ticklish. And there’s a table of contents. 
Are you still there? Then you will like the book.

The Author
Michael Ampersant was born in Berlin, Germany, but moved to the Netherlands to found the Applied Logic Laboratory at the University of Amsterdam.
He lives on the Cote d'Azur now where he has started to write erotic-laconic prose. The Green Eyes are his first novel. He's working on a sequel, This Is Heaven, which should be completed soon. He loves cats, dogs, water, mushrooms, hikes in the Esterel mountains, and his partner Chang. 
His short stories have appeared on the pages of Temptation Magazine, EtherBooks, Gay Flash Fiction, The Bear Review, and LustSpiel Magazine.

Amarilli73's review

Bitter-sweet” is the first word that comes to mind to define this erotic novel (rather: “sort of”). Bitter-sweet---the main character is: John, a 29 year old, bipolar teacher of French, who decides to give a jolt to his quiet life, starting with random sex on the beach.
Nothing impossible there, but this is only the beginning of an incredible series of events, some very funny, some very sad.
Readers should expect everything: from dashed hopes in darkrooms to psychotic police officers; from emergency CPR's to encounters with  paramedics with mesmerizing green eyes. John is clumsy, a bit unfortunate, totally overwhelmed by the events.
"Some people bring bad weather, I bring the absence of crowds," he says.
First there was a lack of love (and sex) in his life, but then, in the space of one day, there is too much of it: Maurice, Alex, Ben, a black guy, and so forth. "I didn’t have a single soul-mate in years, and now I have two, and one is dying already," he complains.
Bittersweet and crazy is also the Ampersant’s writing: his style is ironic but also raw, vivid, and without hypocrisy.
In the end I had the impression of being inside John's head---living his thoughts/emotions/ wry comments/calamities..
A really well-written novel. I would not want to label it as a "gay novel," tough, it's much more. 

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