Uscita MM: torna Michael Ampersant con THIS IS HEAVEN (GREEN EYES #2)

Ricordate Michael Ampersant e il suo GREEN EYES?
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Ebbene, il 27 agosto esce il seguito: "This Is Heaven: Green Eyes, Part II"

Alpha males, delicate souls, and the Undead hit it off in a new scramble for the last happy ending.
A billionaire dies a suspicious darkroom death in Georgia Beach’s only gay haunt. The Vampire Festival is about to start. A professor of quantitative metaphysics predicts Armageddon for Thursday. Her sister, Juliette, falls in love with street-smart Romeo. Elsa, author of heat-level romance, meets ravishing Ben, progenitor of erotic techniques. Shakespeare, Albert Camus, Enid Blyton, Mark Twain, and many other writers appear in cameo. Corpses pile up. Alpha-hunk Alex recovers from a suicidal overdose---with amnesia---and can’t remember his sexual orientation. John, his oversexed lover, is losing it. Is Alex still gay? Is John is still trolling? (Yes.)

Autore: Michel Ampersant
Titolo: This Is Heaven: Green Eyes, Part II
Editore: Lustspiel Books
Pagine: 324
Uscita: 27 agosto 2017
Genere: gay, eroticoLingua: inglese
Link acquisto:

L'Autore - Michael was born in Berlin, Germany, but moved to the Netherlands to found the Applied Logic Laboratory at the University of Amsterdam. He moved to the Cote d'Azur where he writes semi-serious prose. He loves cats, dogs, water, mushrooms, chess, hikes in the Esterel mountains, and his partner Chang. His short stories have appeared on the pages of Temptation Magazine, EtherBooks, Gay Flash Fiction, The Bear Review, LustSpiel Magazine, and Bunbury.

His first book, GREEN EYES, was a finalist of the prestigious Lambda Literary Awards.

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